Settlement developments in Israel and the future of a two state deal.

Israel has not only just signed into law an act which retroactively legitimizes settlements on the west bank (territory not owned by Israel) but enacted a plan to build 6000 more homes along the same bank. This was meant with significant international disapproval from European nations but only received a tepid warning from Trump and the United States, that “it might be harder to have peace” if this goes forward. Which is certainly one way to put it. Here’s another:

If this goes forward, there may well be no peace deal. No two states, maybe not even one state. Actions like this, and more from an emboldened Israeli right could well lead to war.


Remember, it’s not just Hamas that despises Israel, Jordan, Afghanistan, Iraq and a great many other Arab and African nations do not recognize Israel as a state, and actively oppose when given the opportunity in arenas such as the United Nations.


But that is not the chief concern here. The two state deal is a cornerstone of Middle-east policy, well hypothetically, and even nominal support from the Israeli government is needed to ensure a relatively peaceful status quo. Is this preferable? No. Frankly any treaty which established some land for the Palestinians and the safety of Israel would be better than what currently exists, but this law and these plans have far too much potential to inflame a situation already delicate in its structure.


This is still developing, and I have little more to add to this. But unless the Left in Israel pushes a strong attack to ensure the stability of this fragile peace is maintained and built upon, unless the right realizes that any overt conflict with Hamas and the Palestinians, especially over this matter, is an excuse that the opposing nations will gleefully use to launch their own offenses against Israel, I will retain grave concerns for the future of Israel, the Palestinians, and the region.


Israel passes Provocative Law to Retroactively Legitimize Settlements: NY Times


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