Conservatives reveal plan to combat Climate Change, Republicans most likely to block it

Today respected Republicans have revealed a plan to combat climate change, primarily through a carbon tax. This would entail placing a $40 tax for every ton of carbon dioxide gas released with the tax rising over time. The proceeds of this tax would be sent to the American public as a quarterly check with some estimates claiming that a family of four would receive $2000.00 over the course of a year. So yeah, that’s it. Conservatives come up with a decent plan to deal with Climate Change, democrats would certainly support it (at this point they’ll support anything to deal with climate change) and the Trump administration could tout this as a victory. Simple.

Well no, not quite.

The above implies that Republicans, the party that has denied climate change since its inception will up and decide to change their minds because a few conservatives suddenly decide they want a “seat at the table” (Barker, one of the main proponents of the bill says). As it is I don’t see it happening, especially with Trump openly questioning the existence of the phenomena (and that’s not even mentioning the infamous “Chinese hoax” tweet).

Until such time as the party, or enough of them in the house and senate anyway, decides to acknowledge the realities that we face, Climate change, extremism in the west and an incompetent president, I very much doubt this bill is anything but dead in the water.

Time: Republicans tell their party its time to address climate change


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