Thoughts on the Repeal of the Travel Ban.

Today the panel of Judges rejected the appeal for the reinstatement of the so-called “Muslim Ban”. By pushing back against Trump, the judicial branch has not only made clear its position on dangerous, and unconstitutionally backed, executive orders, it has also made clear that it will not be bullied into a position more in line with the Presidents own, as Trump tried to do.

Is this a good thing? Well by legal standpoint yes, the arguments made on the decision had little to do with morality or political leanings and were based on Constitutional law and precedent in the court system, not only validating this case (regardless of what Trump and his cronies will try and insinuate) but also establishing the independence of the court system, not beholden to either side of the political sphere.

And certainly, I think this is a good thing. Morally I could not find reason to justify this ban, and even ignoring the incompetence of its implementation, the danger it placed on the people fleeing these nations, the flagrant bigotry and dangerous assumptions based seemingly on religion and geography on those seeking safety and protection for them and theirs disturbed me. Concerned me. And yes annoyed me (as I mentioned in an earlier post, a toddler was handcuffed and forced to the walls due to the circumstances of her parents. A Toddler).

Still for now this only means one of Trumps proposed laws has been forced back. What that means for his future endeavors and those of his ideologues, and what he plans to do against the Judiciary as we can almost guarantee he will want some form of revenge, is anyone’s guess.


Politico: Court Decision on Trumps Ban


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