What has Trump done?

This is a rhetorical question. It has less to do with some great moral outrage, political concern or even a question of interest. This is a question regarding impact.


What has President Trump actually done?


45 executive orders and presidential memorandums have been issued out, resulting in…directions to look at things. The biggest one was of course the Travel ban, which actually did have an immediate impact, but a great many other grand statements and releases, such as the wall, which basically talked about the fence already in place, the tax regulations order, which directed the Secretary of the Treasury to look at them, and so on. Trump has talked a big game while doing very little.

If we’re lucky that may well be the story of his Presidency.

Right now his executive orders and memorandums are treated as spectacle, because they are little else. They accomplish little more than direction, with a few notable exceptions, but sound dangerous and concerning. At this stage there simply aren’t enough policy wonks, regulation experts or seemingly the interest required to try to dramatically shift the framework of America.

This may change, or it may not, but what remains is true. Trump is playing a grand game, but life will continue on so long as that’s all he does.



Politico: Trump has done nothing


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