Flynn fired over Russian talks

Michael Flynn, the provocative National Security adviser, has been fired – sorry “resigned” from his post regarding suspicious calls made towards the Russian ambassador regarding sanctions. Supposedly the statements he made, corroborated by nine unnamed officials, alluded to Trump easing the sanctions early in his presidency and advocating patience before responding to the sanctions.

But that’s not the real reason he was fired.

As I wrote before, a chief concern was Flynn’s interaction with Vice-President Pence, and whether he deceived him into lying on Flynn’s behalf. As it turned out that was exactly the case, and supposedly that encouraged Trump to fire him. Or “resign” him. This is actually the interesting part: no one in Trumps administration seems to know what the administration did to remove Flynn.

Was it voluntary, as Spicer claimed? Was he pushed out by Steve Bannon, another controversial figure in the White House, as some leaks suggest? Did Trump go full Apprentice and fire him? To be blunt nobody seems quite sure. And until Flynn, or the FBI or someone prominent outright states what happened these rumors will continue.

It doesn’t look good for Trump, losing a major cabinet position within the first three weeks is not only unprecedented in modern history, it points to further issues regarding the difficult transition and buildup of the White House Administration.

As for Flynn? Honestly if he was stupid enough to believe the FBI wouldn’t bug the Russian embassy he deserved this.


Time: Flynn resignation


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