Russian influence on the White House

So, Flynn had to resign regarding talks with the Russian ambassador regarding sanctions. And then lying about those talks to the Vice-President. Matador, a former campaign manager, resigned during the 2016 campaign regarding his own connections to Russia, National security agencies are beginning to corroborate a report regarding Trumps possible connections to Russia and their possible Kompromat on him, and oh there may be further connections between Trumps campaign and his administration, and Russia.

But is he going to be Impeached? Probably not.

Firstly, that would require the republican congress to be interested in any such maneuver (they aren’t). Secondly that would require an investigation into Trump and his team by intelligence committees and others, and while some of that is occurring it is far too likely that at this stage those same investigations will either be stone-0walled, stymied or outright ignored by the administration rather than having any impact.

Finally, frankly, it implies that an impeachment would mean anything and I don’t see trump leaving because of a Russian scandal, or any scandal for that matter.

Still, liberals, the left, whatever you want to call them, they can use this. Build on the momentum, the outrage and build groups, within and without the administration to fight this man. I don’t necessarily agree with pulling so far in one political direction that communication and compromise are out of the question, those two tactics are the bedrock of democracy. But this man must be fought, the left needs to rebuild, and this seems to be the best option.

Hopefully this outrage remains. Hopefully something is built from this that can restore equilibrium to the US.

Hopefully I won’t see the end of a superpower in my twenties. #resist.


Time: Flynn sets shortest record for National Security Adviser
New York Times: Trump Campaign aides had repeated contact with Russia
Mother Jones: Why Trump can’t come clean about Russia


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