Paul Ryan can’t convince Republicans to back tax plan

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s facing an uphill battle with the Republicans regarding a tax plan. Surprisingly, republicans don’t really like it when taxes get higher for businesses, who knew? His border adjustment tax is being positioned as a compromise between Trumps preference for a tariff and conservative orthodoxy regarding taxes, as in, taxes are bad and should not be raised. Frankly in that context it almost comes across as a measured response to radical shifts in ideology that Trump represents and indeed demands, and what typical conservatives focus on with their own tax plans.

So naturally they all had a hissy fit.

Senator Cotton of Arkansas went on the attack the day after, with much of the chamber following him. A great many republican senators see this as either badly misconstrued or simply bad policy, with the Speakers own house fretting over the cost such a tax could entail on the consumer. Frankly I don’t see why their complaining, it’s this or a tariff. I certainly haven’t heard any of their own policies used as a rebuttal or alternative.

Now I don’t particularly like Paul Ryan, he’s come off as rather weak in the last few months frankly, but he is trying to put forward a conservative plan to reform the tax code, and if this works as he says it will, it could garner the government up to 1 trillion dollars. That’s a big deal, especially considering this is party that’s blasted Obama for the last 8 years regarding the deficit and debt the USA faces. That they would attack one of their owns plans, indeed the only plan that may even be feasible and is being presented to the house and senate, rather than either develop it or compromise, portends a rather unsettling truth regarding the Republican party, and the future of the USA.

They don’t know what they’re doing.

They’ve complained for so long, they’ve forgotten how to lead.

And now with everybody looking to them for answers, with their own president, congress, and senate, what have they accomplished? What can they accomplish?

If this is the best they can do, it’s not gonna end well for them.


Politico: Ryan Struggles to sell tax plan to GOP


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