Lazy weekend talk

So, this weekend was interesting.

Trump had a meltdown on international TV, ranted about the media, complained about being called an anti-Semitic (he wasn’t) and uh…nominated someone for something? Labor secretary! That was it.

Oh and the guy who was gonna replace Flynn as National Security Adviser? Yeah that’s done. Wanted to choose his own team, Trump said no, Harvard walked away. Petraeus has pulled out too. Keep this up, Bannon might just get the role (please don’t give it to Bannon)

The Battle for Mosul was launched, that’ll be interesting.

German Chancellor Merkel and Canadian PM Trudeau had a candle lit dinner, so that was nice.

And Russia’s pulled back from Trump in a startling display of rationality! No, no, Putin just doesn’t like it when someone’s more referenced and cited than him on his own TV channel.

Fun. Let’s see how badly they screw it up this week.


I’d cite, but I can’t be bothered. Tomorrow. When I write an actual story.


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