Trump selects McMaster for NSA role

Trump…apparently made a good decision.

Now I ain’t holding my breath but this could end…tolerably.

So, H.R. McMaster, Lieutenant General in the United States military, and a renowned Warrior-Scholar, has been selected as the new National Security Adviser, replacing Michael Flynn. Notable moments in this one’s dossier include:

  • Fought off a much larger group of tanks from the elite Iraqi Republican Guard force with a small troop within the armored cavalry regiment
  • Wrote the book on the generals leading Vietnam screwed up not challenging civilian leaders on poor strategy
  • Pioneered counter-insurgency programs in Iraq, and helped rewrite the manual with general Petraeus
  • Currently leads Army Capabilities Interrogation Center
  • A Russia-hawk and committed to not labeling terrorists as religious organizations
  • Not afraid to challenge his superiors

Actually a pretty decent resume. At this point I’m waiting for either a scandal or condemnation from Dems regarding…I’m not really sure at this stage, I haven’t heard anything yet. Could happen though.

Still seems alright so far, though that last point on the list might lead to some trouble down the road.

Trumpy doesn’t like to be challenged I hear.


Reuters: Outspoken General named Top Security Adviser 
Politico: Trumps new Warrior-Scholar 


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