Protestors claimed to be Professionals by White House

In recent weeks during the recess period of Congress, Republican town halls have been flooded with protesters attacking their representatives, demanding answers about investigations into Trump and his team most famously with Representative Chavez at Utah, who meet shouts of “Do your Job!” at his own town hall. A great many republicans are currently fleeing their town halls and actively avoiding holding more, though with some exceptions. This seems to be their favored response to such criticism: avoidance whenever possible.

The White House on the other hand has a different plan.

Claiming that the core of these protesters are liberal activists, Spicer and more importantly Trump are claiming that professional protesters are manufacturing these events. Spicer additionally claims that just because they may be a loud group that does not mean they are large, and that they may be more interested in media attention and that sort of interpretation than any actual message.

Naturally comparisons have been made between these town hall events and similar takeovers by Tea Party activists in 2008 and 2009, especially from protesters hoping to have a similar success. As part of this there were also allegations that that movement was itself manufactured by conservative activists and used to move forward their agenda.

Personally, I feel that the movements began with the people but have been built from, and in some cases perhaps appropriated, by legislators and activists to move forward an agenda. However, I also feel it is important to note that whoever is involved in these movements, leaders or members, is probably also aware of this and simply sees this as a method to make their protests more effective and long lasting rather than a short term outpouring of rage. It’ll certainly be interesting to see where this goes, and if this “Resistance” follows the pattern of the tea party and its own lasting influence even after the movement faded away.


Politico: White House reacts to Protesters
Politico: McClintock meets with Protesters 


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