Does the Russia Scandal matter?

Manafort dismissed during the campaign over allegations about connections to Russia while he Advised the Ukrainian President.

Flynn dismissed, sorry, “resigned” after details released of discussions with Russian Ambassador about Sanctions. Oh and lying to the Vice-President.

The Steele Dossier.

And now an investigation led by the senate intelligence committee.  Neat.

Apparently this is all very dramatic, Democrats are fuming at the audacity and corruption, Republicans Russia hawks are concerned and challenging the establishment and Trump…

Well he doesn’t really care. Cause even if he is impeached, he doesn’t have to leave. It’d just be “fake-news” or “Crooked-Hillary” or something.

Look this is important, and it matters that this is investigated and Russia doesn’t get away with it. But does anyone really think this is gonna stop Trump? If it didn’t stop him from getting elected, why would he stop now?


Politico: How to know when a Trump Story becomes a Scandal 


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