Intelligence Committees plod along

The two intelligence committees in congress and the Senate involved in investigating the Russian involvement and collusion with the Trump campaign are currently led by Republicans. This is no surprise, much of the government is led by Republicans however this is concerning simply because neither of these men, Rep. Nunes and Sen. Burr, show little interest in investigating any ties with the commander in chief and Russia.

This reluctance or ambivalence, however you phrase, mostly manifests itself in a slow, plodding investigation, which in the case of Nunes, has only just now completed the ‘scoping’ of the investigation, and has yet to formally begin it. As such, this will at bets take months if not years to achieve any form of credible conclusion, if it isn’t simply stopped due to a lack of evidence or lack of resources or any such reason either committee could have for simply ending it.

Chiefly this is a concern because of how people will react to this campaign, mainly by forgetting it. Frankly with all that is occurring within the US and around the globe people will, quite reasonably, lose interest in an investigation that seemingly isn’t going anywhere. Trump will do this, China will do that, and organization will erupt or something, and people will move on. As Jeremy Bash, chief council on the Hose intelligence committee between 2007 and 2008 said, “the real investigation is the time that goes by”.

If we forget, this will disappear and we will never know what, if any, collusion there was.

Be wary. Be Aware. And do no Forget.


Mother Jones: Can republicans be trusted to Investigate Trumps Russia Scandal?


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