Attorney General: second verse same as the first

Sessions met with the Russian Ambassador twice during the campaign. And Didn’t disclose them when asked by officials.

Oh for…

Right, fine, what does this mean? Well nothing for now we only know (thanks to the Washington Post) that this even occurred, and that Sessions claimed to not consider them important, and when asked claimed to not remember the details. Like Flynn did, before the recordings, because of course any meetings within the Russian embassy will be recorded, got him fired for not only lying, to officials and the vice-president, but concerns regarding collusion.

Or at least the public and the media considered that, might have just been the embarrassment on Trumps part.

Whelp, see how this goes, and how long it’ll take Trump to lash out.

And he was doing so well.


Washington Post: Sessions Encountered Russian Ambassador Twice Last Year


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