Sessions recuses himself from Investigation

A recent Politico piece made the argument that Attorney General Sessions recused himself from the congressional investigation regarding Russian involvement with the Trump campaign, primarily due to a lack of support from his party. While the administration maintains that he committed no crime, GOP elites, heads of investigation boards, the house freedom caucus and such have insisted that he recuse himself due to the allegations of his communication with the Russian Ambassador. Which he has done.

The article maintains that because of the lack of support, Sessions had little choice but to recuse himself which presents an interesting position. The lack of support can stretch to further repercussions, such as impeachment and resignation (the article also points to this being the reason why Nixon resigned but Clinton did not when beach suffered an impeachment). Can this be applied to further roles and individuals? Like Kushner who was also mentioned to speak with the ambassador in the same meeting, or Bannon, if anything comes up regarding collusion or influence.

Can this be applied to Trump? It would have to be significant and require Trump to isolate himself from the party, but this has happened before it could happen again.

Still currently Sessions is the biggest issue. Stopping any involvement in the congressional investigation is only beneficial towards that end, and if information comes out, which it may or may not; we know nothing about what was discussed, regarding further collusion or illegal acts, he could be forced to resign. What matters now is continuing the pressure on Trump and his ilk, and maintaining the grassroots resistance, using this as further fuel. The more that comes out the more people will be incentivised to fight.

Politico: Why Sessions Recused Himself


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