Israel Prime Minister meets with Putin to discuss Iran.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss what the former considers the significant threat of Iranian entrenchment in Syria, an attempt to bolster and maintain influence in the region according to Netanyahu. Due to the common belief that Russia holds the balance of power in the Syrian conflict, it perhaps comes to no surprise that Israel is attempting to speak with Putin himself, rather than make the case to Syria, an ally to Iran whose leader Assad has greatly benefited during the conflict from Iranian support. What this means is contentious though a few ideas can be posited.:


  1. By discussing this matter with another prominent ally of Assad and Syria, it is possible they may be able to convince, or rather encourage a different opinion on the matter, regarding regional control of the area, one perhaps more in favor of Israel’s independence than Iranian supremacy.
  2. This could show a change in geopolitical interests, as rather than go to the United Nations for influence, or the United States to pressure Iran and gain some measure of influence on the situation, instead Netanyahu has gone to Putin, showing at the very least his influence in the area and conflict.
  3. Finally, this could reflect the shift in internal politics within Israel, it’s slow drift to the right over the last decade culminating in the growing of ties with more authoritative nations which may be considered more agreeable and welcoming of their own right-wing efforts than perhaps Israel’s more traditional allies i.e. the United States.

Honestly, I don’t have much of a clue on this matter (or many others for that matter). But the shifts in power are noticeable from interactions like these and what it means for western liberal thought and democracy is of concern to me. And hopefully to many others as well.


Reuters: Netanyahu to meet Putin to Discuss Iran


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