Ryancare not going to plan

Ryan’s healthcare plan is out, and every republican under the sun is challenging it! Well, not every republican, just the Freedom Caucus, the Libertarians, the Pro-Planned Parenthood senators (there’s two) multiple representatives, and uh…huh.

Well, Ryan’s in trouble. Oh and Price and Trump too.

The main point here is that a number of opponents are challenging this ill because of the clauses the 146-page document has regarding Medicaid expansion, entitlements and allowances, and planned parenthood, with the die hard conservatives opposing due to the lack of sufficient reduction in entitlements and taxes, the Libertarians (mainly Rand Paul) due to the sheer level of federal government control and so on.

Four Senators even wrote a letter to Mitch McConnell, regarding the lack of protection for Medicaid the plan lacks. Never a good sign.

So the plan may be dead in the water, and if this doesn’t pass republicans may need to either outright just repeal Obamacare to keep their promises (which would result in the insurance single-payer market collapsing and god knows how many that would hurt, at least 20 million, and what that would do to the economy) or keep Obamacare and break their promise to their constituents.

The latter won’t happen, and the former terrifies anyone who can grasp the consequences and many, myself included, who don’t.


Time: Grand Old Problems


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