Israels Safe Space

The Israeli Government has released its own travel ban on the same day that the second ‘Muslim Ban’ as some would call it, was put into effect. This one prevents access to any individual who has desired or taken part of a boycott of Israel. In a certain way, it stands as a rejection of any individual who believes that the current actions of Israel are unacceptable, by denying access and an opinion within the land they are most concerned with. How this will stretch depends on how the right-wing government frames the narrative: already they far-right party the Jewish Home Party has labeled it a way to defend Israel from ‘those who wish it harm’ or rather those who would detract from its reputation.

Because god forbid they take responsibility for the hundreds of thousands at risk from their policies.

If they take this further and label any victim of this new ban as a threat to the nation it immediately places any individual boycotting, divesting or calling for sanctions in the same mental space as legitimate threats to Israel, terrorists, Hamas and the like.  By creating this sort of environment, they limit the effects and potency of free speech within their nation and prevent themselves from hearing any opinion that they either feel cannot be trusted or simply do not wish to tolerate within their space.

In a sense, the right-wing government of Israel is trying to create its own safe-space.


The Atlantic: Is Israels travel Ban comparable to Trumps?


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