What a Shutdown Means

Senator Chuck Schumer announced the intention of the Democrats to oppose any ‘poison pill amendments’ which would fund a border wall on any budget bill proposed by the Republicans, including the threat of a government shutdown. I’m sure McConnell and Cruz will appreciate the irony. This now only shows how serious the Democrats are to opposing any diversion of funds towards such a process, but also the consequences of this precedent the Republicans set not two years ago: shutting down the government whenever a budget bill doesn’t go your way.

But what does shutting it down actually mean? Bluntly it means all government services are temporarily stalled and prevented from not only being operated but also being paid.

That means teachers, roadworkers, any organization controlled and led by the federal government like the IRS, the FDA and so on, and off course a shutdown on any legislative process. This is coupled with absolutely no pay for any civil servant, bureaucrat or otherwise. It’s a dramatic threat with serious consequences which is something a lot of ideologues on both sides tend to forget.

There’s a reason there were so many protests, and why Cruz was vilified by both sides for a time.

So a warning to Chuck Schumer: make your threats but be wary of acting on them: actions have consequences, and livelihoods and lives may well hang in the balance.


Politico: Schumer to GOP


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