Netherlands Election goes better than expected

The Netherlands election’s first exit poll is out,  and the battle between the controversial Far-Right(ish) Geert Wilders and the current Prime Minister Mark Rutte is ending better than expected, with Rutte’s party winning 31 seats in the house, and Geert’s being one of three to win 19. And can I just say on behalf of much of the western world:

Oh thank F**King God

Can you imagine how emboldened far right parties would have been if a third straight result in their favor had occurred. I mean yeah most of them will probably tout this as a measure of their influence, and yes they might even have a point. For now anyway, older working class and lets be blunt less educated members of society are pissed (reasonably some might say) and are lashing out at what they consider either threats to their home, or a government they feel has abandoned them. It’s not quite that simple on either side of the argument but it is what it is. However, without that third lucky charm, it will be much harder for them to convince the wavering middle that there is a surging rise of populism and they represent the people and blah blah blah…

Point is France’s Macron and Germany’s Merkel just got a boost, hopefully they can capitalize on it, and hopefully the far right will waver long enough for it to count. They’ll be back, but this could stop this authoritative nonsense in its tracks. For now anyway.

Politico: Dutch Election: Live Blog


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