Healthcare bill gains support from Freedom Caucus

The Republican Healthcare bill colloquially called Ryancare or Trumpcare, depending on who you ask and who they want to blame, is currently being worked on, allegedly incorporating changes to the bill to support the elderly and the poor says Reuters. Along with these are changes to federal block grants for states, and a requirement for able-bodied applicants of Medicaid to work. Presumably these changes are to encourage the support of both moderate Republicans, who would prefer more coverage for their constituents, and for the hardliners like the Freedom Caucus and Ted Cruz who want changes to Medicaid in an attempt to control the debt.

Whether these work is up to debate, however as Trump has seemingly gotten the Freedom Caucuses vote regarding the health bill there is all the more chance for this bill to pass the house. From there comes the Senate, and with it one of the more dangerous opponents of the bill: Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas. The Senator has been a biting opponent of the bill maintaining that it will cause premiums to remain high and has a host of other concerns regarding the bill and support within the senate.

Still, Trump is openly supporting the bill now. Might be enough.


Reuters: Republicans revamp Healthcare bill


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