FBI Director Comey speaks out regarding investigations

Today FBI Director Comey spoke at a hearing confirming two very important points: that he has no evidence of any wiretapping by then-president Barack Obama on then-candidate Donald Trump, and more importantly, that the FBI was investigating the Russian hacks of the DNC and members of the Trump campaign in regards to connections and possible collusion with the Russian government. This is a significant step forward in the narrative that Russia interfered with the election, regardless of whether there is indeed any evidence regarding collusion: the fact that these questions can even be asked is concern enough. Now certainly there will be complaints regarding relevancy and importance and whether the left is crying wolf, from both sides, but it is worth pointing out the response the Republican members of the senate and house intelligence committees had regarding these investigations:

They focused on leaks. Solely on leaks, to be clear.

Now sure from a government perspective these are significant and concerning, certainly the sheer speed and number of leaks is worthy of concern, but not only were the leaks not even part of Comeys briefing, they were also used as a cover to ignore any part of the investigation, the wiretapping, anything pertinent whatsoever. This either shows an intent to obfuscate the issue behind a minor concern they drummed up, or a tacit willingness for these actions, hacking and collusion and so forth, to continue so long as it harms the opposition and benefits them. At the very least they should acknowledge the concerns raised by these investigations, instead of what Rep. Nunes focused on, especially afterwards in discussions with the press.

At least pretend to be concerned over foreign influence in elections, Nunes, it’s not that hard.


Mother Jones: FBI Director (kinda) calls Trump a liar
Mother Jones: Republican Congressman leading probe has never heard of Key Trump Figures


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