Friday report on bulls**t

The healthcare bill has been delayed until tomorrow, presumably in the hopes that enough votes can be drafted to pass the bill. The freedom caucus (and seriously how on earth are they not the anarchy caucus? Anyone?) remain opposed to much of the legislation, asserting that it does not go far enough to repeal Obamacare, to the vociferous support of the Koch brothers and their conservative policy group. Moderates are being scared off the bill cause, you know, 24 million people and a worse deficit score (only $154 billion less debt now with all the amendments the Freedom caucus insisted on) is politically a nightmare for anyone h=who didn’t come into office being a raging nutcase moderate republican. And Trump is demanding a final vote on Friday, do or die.

On the other hand, does anyone really trust the Americans to not be stupid enough to pass this bill?

In the background of all of this, Rep. Nunes has apologized for running to the president to inform him about information regarding the investigation into his own people, acting seemingly surprised that he may have, you know, compromised an investigation. I realise the republicans are going to support their president, of course, but at the very least don’t pretend to be impartial. Either admit to being a shill, or stand firm in your impartiality, you can’t have both.

Oh, and Schumer and the dems in the senate are committed to a filibuster regarding Gorsuch. Wonder who’ll call for nuking it first, Cruz or Trump?


(oh and if McConnell is stupid enough to get rid of it)


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