Republicans and the Filibuster

Soon Neil Gorsuch will be up for nomination in the senate. Democrats have stated (though the votes are currently not in) that the party plans to filibuster. The Republican senate majority leader Mitch McConnell meanwhile has stated that Senate Republicans should ‘feel no guilt’ if they use the nuclear option to remove the filibuster on Supreme Court Nominees.

Can the Senate Republicans do this? Yes they have the majority of the Senate and can therefore pass any legislation relating to the filibuster at their discretion.

Should they? Well..

The reality is politics is eternally fluid. That means that inevitably (and perhaps by 2018) there will be a shift in power from the Republicans to the Democrats, who if this passes will have free reign on passing, and denying, senate legislation, cabinet positions, and Supreme Court nominees. McConnell knows this, but also feels that maintaining a conservative majority on the Supreme Court is more important in the short term than the long-term consequences. The reality is not so simple and with the current state of partisan politics within D.C. it is very unlikely for there to be senate moderate enough to restore these rules and recreate the filibuster to encourage a more democratic Senate.

Wonder how much of this was encouraged by talk radio?


Politico: Reeling Republicans Desperate for Win 


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