Pentagon pushing for cooperation. Or something.

Secretary of Defence Mattis has been making outreach attempts. Sending Senior Advisor Kushner to a military base in Baghdad, and meeting with both him and Steve Bannon, a chief advisor to the president, to meet with the Deputy Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, and the Defence Minister besides, cements his intent to build bridges among the respective power bases in the administration in an attempt to coordinate and move the administration forward. Given that much has been made of Trumps preference for a chaotic environment, one where the strong and dynamic thrive, this could be considered a desperate attempt to facilitate cooperation with the ideological and moderate bases.

Or it would, if allegedly Trump wasn’t bewildered by the failure of this method in recent weeks. Supposedly the failure of not only the house bill, but the travel ban and the consistent errors in judgment from senior staffers and trusted aides has rattled the President. Turns out inaccurate statements and wild accusations don’t end up on page six news, who knew?

If Mattis attempt can engender some stability and forward momentum for the campaign – sorry administration – maybe they can still recover from this.

On the other hand, do you really trust any of their egos?


Politico: Kushner Iraq trip part of greater Pentagon push


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