Bannon kicked out of NSC

The removal of Chief Advisor Steve Bannon from the National Security Council represents another shift in the nature of the Trump administration. Currently it appears that the ‘moderate’, conventional republican members of the administration are building momentum and slowly cloistering the populist branch. Admittedly this particular move was orchestrated by McMaster who while aligned with Mattis and his branch seems more interested in getting his work done than building a national profile, or receiving any attention period. Frankly I consider this a good thing, someone much more interested in doing his job and not getting screen time is sorely needed by this lot.

More to the point however it appears that much of these recent moves, the deep involvement of Jared Kushner, his wife and Trumps daughter Ivanka Trumps new role in the administration and the slow turndown of appearances by the more populist branch in the media and in the administration may well be having an effect, enough to drive Bannon into nearly resigning. It was bad enough that Mercer, a significant backer of Trump and Breitbart, needed to convince him to stay.

At this stage the only thing that’s certain is that the internal battle between these factions isn’t going away any time soon, and with Trump in the middle, and influenced by whoever leaves the room last, it’s gonna be an interesting few months four years.

Oh God.


Politico: Mega-Donor urged Bannon not to resign 
Politico: Bannons departure solidifies McMaster’s control 


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