Has anything changed after the Syrian Missile response?

Fundamentally, nothing.

That is, nothing has changed in the aftermath of Trumps 59 cruise missile attack on a Syrian airbase. The base was destroyed, but not only did prior warnings to the Russian military organize a retreat of all armed forces from the base, but it in fact was up and running by the next day. Nothing changed, precisely because it meant nothing. It was a show piece but attacking an airbase, not a major military platform, not prominent political or military infrastructure, not a direct attack on any forces, means that Assad is now aware that Trump will respond to chemical warfare, but he is also aware that he has no real interest in a direct confrontation or causing a significant impact. Not yet.

And unless a plan is in the works, one that will require a large shift in the resources of the United States towards the Syrian war, meaning troops, armaments and military planning on direct confrontation, that isn’t about to change any time soon. It as dramatic, but it was meaningless.

It also however does represent a shift in doctrine in regards to the American response to the war, that of potentially more involvement, and a direct critique of the Assad regime, and tacitly Russian involvement. Politically there will be no more tolerance regarding much if the regime, and if the rumours are true, Secretary Tillerson is already arranging for a coalition with a number of allies in the middle-east and Europe.

Interesting times, huh. Could do without.


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