I’m Back (and Turkey voted yes)

Today Turkey voted yes on Erdogan’s referendum to increase substantially the presidential powers he possess. By doing this, he removes the office of Prime Minister, weakens the parliamentary by preventing it from declaring no confidence votes on ministers and the president, provides Erdogan the power to select however many judges and vice presidents he wants and streamlines decree control, allowing him to create legislature personally and quickly.

Basically, Erdogan is now vastly more powerful within Turkey, and is one of the most powerful legislatively wise political leaders in the world. Democratically(ish) anyway.

Although close, the vote is final and confirms a longstanding trend of Erdogan’s and Turkey’s advent towards authoritarianism, with currently no conceivable measure of returning to a more democratic and parliamentary form of government, certainly not with the military the (surprising) defenders of liberal democracy in turkey for decades.

This is another dangerous shift that corner of the world is turning towards, and if elections in Europe go down similar paths, and more authoritative leaders begin to lead in Europe, the middle-east and indeed the America’s, I worry what such loud and volatile personalities could lead their nations into.


The Atlantic: Turkey’s referendum: how democracies decline


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