Gossip of the week, or how outrage just ain’t cutting it

With Bill O’Reily gone, and Jason Chaffetz announcing his decision not to run again for reelection for his house seat, there are now two more in a long running line of republican and conservatives burned by these election results, or rather the response to a Trump election. The sudden outcry and resurgence of democratic and liberal voters responding to what they consider a threat to their freedoms and hopes for their countries has led not to some moral reevaluation, but an understanding from certain prominent republicans, sponsors and business owners: Trumps toxic.

Not only that but being even loosely connected to him is dangerous for ones career (Chaffetz had little to no real interaction with Trump, despite being head of the House Oversight Committee¬†in the House) meanwhile being associated with him and then being revealed as corrupt or prone to acts of sexual misconduct, as was the case for Mr. O’Reily, can result in a large enough outcry that companies don’t consider you a bet worth taking.

In the end consumers matter more than advertisement, and no one currently wants to be connected, not to sexual deviancy or to Trump, especially in the age of the resistance.

This however doesn’t assume some major shift in Democrats fortunes, Jon Ossoff’s failure to win the house seat in Atlanta, despite coming very close, is proof that anger and outrage alone aren’t enough for significant, material gains in the legislature.

The anger’s there. But right now it’s ending careers, not building them.


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