Dystopian fiction…yay

There’s been a recent surge of interest in dystopian fiction, ‘1984‘ has peaked in sales for the first time in many years, ‘The Handmaiden‘ has recently released to rave reviews, numerous television shows, films and books are suddenly (terribly) relevant.

It’s not surprising of course, with recent political shifts in our known, predictable world and with certain directions societies in multiple countries are taking towards authoritarian politics, religious zealotry and anti-immigrant (read:outsiders/others) behavior it’s no wonder people are looking to fiction for potential outcomes. It’s always been good for reminding us how close we teeter to disaster, how democracy, freedom, common sense are not a guarantees.

(and they give you the best nightmares, don’t they)

With the coming French elections, and the possibility of a Le Pen election (and seriously have they forgotten what happened in the World Wars? Why they happened? Seriously France?) coupled with the shift in more western politics, Turkeys referendum, Brexit and so on, looking at these bits of fiction provides a strange sort of catharsis, and an example of what not to do. Let’s hope we can avoid any such interest in religious zealotry, Gilead looks like an awful place.


(but seriously, Stahp with the Crazy yeah?)


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