Govt. Funding Update (cause I don’t want to talk about France today)

Currently, Democrats and the Trump Administration are in negotiations regarding the government funding bill. Democrats refuse to vote for any bill that would block the required subsidies for the ACA, and for any bill that provides initial funding for the Border Wall Trump bragged about, threatening a government shutdown. Meanwhile the Trump Administration is demanding an increase to the defense budget by over $54 billion which it so clearly needs, and the initial funding of the Border wall. For national security.

Cause Mexicans.

For the record, those scary guys Trumps so worried about, the cartel members and such?

They dig tunnels. Underground. To get into America. So, a wall wouldn’t even work. But whatever, it’s just logic right who cares about that?

Meanwhile a Federal Judge in California blocked the executive order trying to defund ‘sanctuary cities’ basing it on not following any of the actual laws related to federal funding. Basically it was a cheap shot at any city not backing his anti-immigration (illegal or otherwise) stance.

Most successful 100 days, eh?


The Atlantic: Does Trump want a Government Shutdown? 
The Atlantic: Federal Judge Blocks Trumps ‘Sanctuary City’ Exec. Order


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