Friday Update April 28 edition

So, first 100 Days of Trumps presidency (and oh god there’s another three and half+ years of this shit) are nearly over and amount to just about nothing. A combination of executive incompetence, legislative resistance (from the Democrats) and a lack of unity (from the republicans) from congress, and federal blocks on most of his executive orders, what with being illegal and all, have left Trump looking pretty impotent by the 97th day (as of 28 April 2017).

Gorsuch got into the Supreme Court though! So hey, something happened. Cause the senate got involved. And changed the rules.

Macedonia’s in a bit of a crisis, though I don’t know nearly enough to confirm what it means or whodunit. Masked men have taken over parliament, and since there wasn’t really a functional government since the last election what with the unwillingness of the Majority party to work with the opposition, and the third party siding with said opposition, no one’s really in charge over there. This kind of reminds of Ukraine, if I’m being honest, but there’s just not enough information available right now.

There’s some other shit going on, but honestly who really care’s about Ann Coulter. Seriously all those so called conservative commentators whinging about Berkeley, meanwhile I’m more sorry for the conservative students being forced to call these people, and not someone actually qualified to talk about this stuff. Poor kids never had chance.

Anyway, see ya next week.