(My) Media Bias

The media’s weird to me right now. On one hand there’s the big studio media, CNN, Fox, MSNCB and the like, and they quite frankly are sh*t. Talking heads, derivative arguments and comments, and while at times there can be interesting and challenging commentary often it’s all just white noise. As Hasan Minhaj said at the Whitehouse Correspondent Dinner, not everything is breaking news, take an hour and calm down, and then tell us about the news.

But that’s one side, the TV Cable side. The other, the digital/print media side?

Holy Sh*t are they stepping up.

Again and again I read exposes, connections with Russia, news and information that goes way beyond anything I’ve seen from them (Politico, Reuters, Time) at any point. And look, I’m young I don’t have that much of a frame of reference. But from a lot of other perspectives, people involved and invested in this, journalists, commentators and the like, they haven’t been this energized in years.

Guess having an enemy in the Whitehouse is useful after all.

So on one hand, I’m annoyed with the media, with the derivative bullsh*t coming from so many big names and would be leaders in the field, who fail time and time again to challenge and fight and report the news, be it from bias or in the name of an objectivity that no one will support or defend (case in point).

From others, hunting and unearthing and fighting against something and someone I consider a genuine threat?

More please.


Politico: WHCD comedian Hasan Minhaj slams Trump Administration


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