Thursday Update, May 4 edition (cause meh)

So, FBI Director Comey had his public hearing today, which was interesting. He spent most of his time defending himself (from what i read) and responding to concerns over leaks and the investigations currently ongoing. Apparently the Clinton thing was a big deal to a lot of people given the coverage, but I don’t understand why this was news really. It came out during the election and the aftermath why he responded the way he did, the concerns over leaking within his department and the republican support for Trump and disdain for Clinton.

The point about Bill’s meeting with Loretta Lynch was interesting though, apparently the tarmac meeting convinced him he needed to intervene. Hmm.

Also Teresa May has lashed out at Brussels regarding there comments about the British snap election, which of course they’re not allowed to do. That and the European papers (which I haven’t read) apparent depiction of the British position on the EU talks is also problematic. Because clearly the Brussels papers are going to be on her side? Meh, fodder for the masses.

There’s other things, but the AHCA, Putin and Erdogans meeting, they’re…relevant. But they just reflect current realities, until something changes I don’t feel any need to comment.

Also they’re not interesting, so. Yeah.


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