Sonofa – It Passed

Well, with 216 votes the Obamacare repeal bill has passed! Yep, the AHCA bill is through and will most likely cost the US billions (if not trillions) of dollars, strip millions of their healthcare and maybe even collapse the insurance industry!

Sigh, it’s like their not even trying anymore. 

Though admittedly, it’s the Republicans, it’s not like anyone can expect them to actually make effective legislature.

Still given the nature of the senate, the concerns with a statewide election and the general, more moderate tone of the six year term members of that particular body it is likely that the bill will either be substantially changed (and therefore very unlikely to be passed again in the house, cause Freedom Caucus) or will just fail entirely. They might have been elected on getting rid of Obamacare, but no one wants be they one the state blames for costing millions their healthcare.

Well maybe Cruz and Cotton, and Paul but eh, I don’t know.

Still, I wasn’t sure it was gonna pass the house in the first place so certainly there’s no guarantee the bill won’t make it to Trumps desk. Also as I recall it has to be deficit neutral to pass reconciliation, right? Maybe it is dead in the water then.


Politico: Obamacare repeal sqeuks past


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