Macron Wins French Presidential Election (oh thank f*ck)

In what has been referred to as a stinging rebuke of far-right nationalistic politics and an emphatic centrist victory, Emmanuel Macron has won the French Presidency at 66% to 34% besting even the best polls in his favor.

Europe breathed a sigh of relief, and so did I, for reasons I’ve mentioned before. 

Regardless this doesn’t suddenly mean that everything in French politics and economically will just work out. The Parliamentary elections are next month, and though he currently holds no seats with his En Marche movement, he has pledged to nominate a representative to all 577 seats in the house, potentially providing him significant leverage with the other leading parties in the aftermath.

Further, Le Pen has announced her intention to reform the party significantly, perhaps even taking a new name, to advance and grow her party for future elections. There’s no denying she has a voice in French politics now, and with her niece currently a rising star in the National Front and France these changes could be significant. Or amount to nothing, we’ll see.

Still, at least the EU’s likely to stick around for another few years at least. Merkel ain’t about to lose after all (and I don’t care what anyone says, Merkels too damn good to lose just yet).


The Atlantic: Macron wins French Presidency
Reuters: Macron Wins French Presidency


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