Yates’ Testimony, and thoughts

So, today Sally Yates, the former acting attorney general for the US, completed her testimony to the Senate intelligence committee. There were certain predictable outcomes, the Democrats focused on Flynn, Russia and her concerns regarding possible blackmail. The republicans focused on leaks and her refusal to defend the Muslim ban, ignoring or trying to refute her claims that it was anyone other than Trump and his Transition teams fault.

So, what we gleaned form this was that the Trump administration was informed, didn’t do anything until they were caught, and got rid of Yates not only as fast as they could, but the second she was insubordinate. Because apparently it is not the role of the Attorney General to serve in the best interests of the people and the constitution. Except when republicans say otherwise of course.

I don’t know how far this moved anything. Didn’t change much from where I stand, though keeping the pressure on Trump is of course important.

Just doesn’t change much really, not unless they actually use this stuff to impeach Trump and that ain’t happening anytime soon.


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