Comey’s Gone

Today, Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, allegedly informing the man by allowing a meeting from the Director to the FBI to occur before television screens behind Comey turned on with news of his dismissal. Only after did he receive his letter of dismissal.

James Comey is only the second FBI director to be fired from his position, the previous case was a bipartisan affair led by former President Bill Clinton, and was based on the Director William Sessions being accused of ethics violations and abuse of office, resulting in his removal. Again this was a bipartisan affair, whereas this has been referred to as Nixonian, a reference to then-President Nixon’s removal of a special investigator.

In no way is this okay. In now way does this not flout laws, procedure, norms and general decency and respect for the American system. By all rights this should be the beginning of a true impeachment campaign, an attempt to remove a man who has flouted the system in such a way that is truly unprecedented and a dangerous precedent to set. This would require a bipartisan effort with Republican stalwarts standing firm in opposition to the President and dedication to their duty.

We can assume this will not happen.

Objections will be raised, concerns levied and Democrats will issue a challenge and some may well attempt this path. But the Republicans won’t, they will do nothing substantial, unwilling as they are to lose their control of the White house and the electorate he represents, and they will do nothing.

This shouldn’t have happened. I don’t know what will happen next, or how this can be stopped. I really hope 2018 works out.


The Atlantic: An act of Presidential Imperialism


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