Why an FBI Director should be disliked

Before he was fired, Former FBI Director James Comey was attacked and lambasted from both sides of the isle for his involvement in the election and his response to Hillary Clinton’s emails. Republicans felt he let her off easy for what they considered a terrible crime (unless they commit it of course, eh Pence?) while the Democrats were outraged with what they perceived as his interference in the election which some have claimed tipped the election into Trumps favor.

Both sides have merit, frankly Comey should not have revealed the position of the FBI in regards to the investigation in any manner, that was for the Department of Justice to decide. He had his reasons but it was unprecedented for a very good reason: investigators investigate. They do not prosecute. And the FBI does not get involved in politics for any reason. The aftermath of this decision and the FBI’s decision to maintain an investigation into the Trump campaign led in many ways to Comeys dismissal.

However one very important point was missed and in some regards remains missing from the discussion regarding Comey, his role in government, law enforcement and his dismissal: the FBI director should not be liked by either political party, it is a role designed to be independent.

The Direcotr should be disliked and in some ways feared, because the FBI director is not beholden to one party or another, nor one leader. The FBI director serves as one of the chief federal officer of the country, not the most powerful (that title goes to the Attorney General) but one of the more long-lasting positions in government. If one party or another is pleased with the directors placement or decisions, that should at best be temporary. If it remains, if one party is seen as too cozy or positive in regards to the FBI Director, it implies they are compromised. Be it politically or otherwise and the position that Comey and his predecessors held is to important to be allowed to be swayed by politics, money or any other influence.

Comey’s successor needs to be independent, and they need to be distrusted by the political elite, establishment, outsiders, and so forth. No politician should like one of the chief law enforcement officers of the Country for a very good, very vital reason: in many respects, politicians are who the Director could and may very well should be targeting.

Let’s hope Trump screws up and selects someone competent this time.


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