My concerns lately. (also seriously wtf Trump?)

Trump is Stupid. He is stupid, incompetent and scary for all the reasons you don’t want to be scary. But I never considered him a legitimate threat, to his own country and to international stability, until he decided to remove from office the head of one of his intelligence agencies, and then to inform a known hostile power about intelligence gathered form an ally. Trump is actively threatening his own government, the relationships it has painstakingly built with allies across the globe, and supporting and endorsing authoritarians and nation-states that are openly acknowledged to be antagonistic to his own country, because…reasons? These are not the actions of a sane, competent or even mildly stupid leader.

These are the actions of a despot.

What laws have been passed with his administration and the republican government have ben actively structured to threaten lively hoods, the environment, the restrictions placed on those on wall street who have not earned the trust they are being given right now, all the while dismantling anything and everything his predecessor built that he can get his hands on. He is opposed to immigration, large scale trade agreements (because TPP/NAFTA/Mexico), and has established himself not only as opposed and threatening to the press within his nation, denying their legitimacy and independence in an attempt to control how they receive and report him, but also to any intelligence agency at home or abroad that does not pledge loyalty to him.

At no point are these actions acceptable, at no point can they be regarded as reasonable or sane, and at no point has this man-child proven to be motivated by anything more than narcissistic ambition and self-gratification.

The only positive of this man, of what he and his administration have wrought, of what he is planning to do and what he hasn’t even come up with yet because his attention span is too short to even pay attention for more than two minutes (according to the organizers of the latest NATO summit), is that he has revealed the weakness of democracy. It must be fought for, defended and maintained, not blindly trusted and assumed to work no matter how many middle fingers you throw into office.

Liberty is a privilege. It was never a right. Let’s hope the children in the US remember this lesson, and that Europe doesn’t need to be taught it once more. The world is far more dangerous today than it was in the 1930’s, and I don’t know what will be left if we go to the war this blithering idiot is flinging us towards.


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