Special prosecutor named for FBI Russia Investigation

With the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel to the Russia investigation by the FBI, it could be said that the Trump administration is making an overture to the House and Senate in the wake of ten days of scandal and conflict driving the two branches further apart. It could also be said that Rosenstein’s covering his arse. By selecting Mueller, a former FBI director and one respected by both parties and acknowledged as independent, some members of the house will most likely have been mollified, though how Trump is taking the news is still unknown, and given that he retains the authority to dismiss the special prosecutor at any moment it should not be forgotten that he remains a volatile man-child with far too much power and not enough sense.

Currentlly it appears that Mueller’s main duties will involve investigating, and only investigating, the possible connections the Trump campaign team may have had with the Russian government, and any connections that stem from that. It will only be in the conclusion of this investigation that any ides regarding prosecution and impeachment can be brought up.

And regarding impeachment, let me say that at no point should it be assumed that impeachment will be some magic bullet that will solve all the problems. Disregarding the damage Trump has done and will continue to do to the office of President, the norms he has shattered and the expectations you can only assume some reckless idiot/cynical conman will use to gain power, and disregarding the laws and norm he and his administration will implement in the areas they control (the justice department, the law enforcement agencies, and so on) at no point should anyone assume that impeachment would solve any of those problems, or even Trump himself.

Let’s not forget, Clinton didn’t leave office after he was impeached. Admittedly this was in part due to the flagrant disregard to the import of such a tool, as Newt Gingrich used it more as a weapon against a democrat than a response to a threat to the country as his predecessors did to Nixon. Regardless, Clinton completed his second term despite being impeached for, among other things, trying to prevent an investigation into his relationship with Monica Lewinski. In turn, if the senate does not complete the process of Impeachment and Convict the President, Trump won’t be going anywhere.

Mueller is a good first step, though whether it will amount to anything, whether it can amount to a high crime prosecutable offence isn’t clear. As such, don’t look at impeachment like a simple solution to Trump. He’ll stay if he can, and his legacy and damage will remain for years after regardless of what occurs.


Politico: Justice Dept. Names Robert Mueller as Special Counsel


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