Trump went to Saudi Arabia.

Trump didn’t screw up. I mean, completely anyway.

He’s currently in Saudi Arabia, and just yesterday gave a speech promoting better ties between his nation and theirs, and encouraging all likeminded Muslim nations and the “Muslim world” to stand together opposing terrorism. This was actually a good thing.

Remember this is the guy who claimed that “Islam Hates us”, that tried to implement a Muslim ban, and is generally considered opposed to anything related to Islamic terrorism or the thought of it. Or the barest connection to it. And yet he voiced a moderate, speech that didn’t go to far, that toed the Saudi line and made all the right noises. Well done Trump, you didn’t screw up.

And that’s about it. It wasn’t a great success, there’s no sudden shift in rhetoric for the Saudi family, the crown princes, or anything. They’ll probably think they have a closer relationship with this president than the last one, and will so long as they keep flattering him, and, uh, yeah. Didn’t start a war.


There will be many claiming this as a success, many claiming it to be the first time, or second, or whatever that Trump actually acted like a president. He didn’t. He acted like a man who wasn’t totally incompetent and said basically nothing that mattered. Nothing has changed and next week, or month, or whatever he will make some comment about Muslims, or Mexicans or Comey and we’ll remember something very important. Trump kowtows.

He kowtows to his base when a home, he kowtows to the Russians when they visit, and he did the same for the Saudis when he visited. He wants to be praised, and a quick way to do that is to please. All he had to do was say the right, empty things they wanted to hear.

You didn’t think it mattered, did you?


The Atlantic: Trump complies with Saudi line


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