Update on Manchester

Today in Manchester, U.K., during the conclusion of an Ariana Grande concert, a bomb went off. Currently (4:24 pm 23/05/2017) the casualty report reads that 19 are dead, and 50 are injured. Currently this appears to be a terrorist attack, however there has been no confirmation nor claiming of said attack.

Attention should of course be currently focused on the victims of this attack. I haven’t the slightest interest in making whoever orchestrated this attack a prominent part of this event, to validate the attack or make them in anyway relevant or important. They are not. They are thug/s, they do not matter, and the sooner they are found, caught or killed the better.

I’ve never understood these attacks, this hatred towards western nations. I don’t particularly care too. There’s no excuse.

Good luck to Manchester, and my condolences to the victims.


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