Friday update: 26 May edition (cause meh)

So, Trump visited the NATO summit, gave a speech basically complaining about the other nations not paying ‘their fair share’ (not necessarily inaccurate, but grossly simplified and unaware of either the reasons or economic and political implications of such a thing, ala typical Trump), and also shoved aside the Prime Minister of Montenegro during a photo op.

Dick move Trump. Dick Move.

He also met with Macron, the new French President, for nearly two hours, and apparently had all sorts of discussions, regarding the Paris climate deal, the economy, NATO. How much do you want to bet that he changed his mind regarding the deal after another foreign leader explained it to him in ten or so minutes?

And his little trip was going so well. Turns out democratic nations aren’t quite so thrilled to have the wannabe despot running around, over there in Sicily. Shame that.



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