Trumps back. The end.

Looking back at the NATO summit,and indeed the entirety of Trumps trip overseas, it’s not hard to question the relevancy of it all. In truth it doesn’t seem like he accomplished much of anything, he signed a deal with the Saudis, that Obama had already paved the way for, he met the Pope. And that seemed to be it. He went to Israel and sat at the wall, while also infuriating the intelligence community there and seemingly resolving them to be much more reticent with the intelligence in the future, and he went to the summit.

And wasn’t that an event. Firstly, he pissed off the British with the other intelligence leak, this one by reporters in the US revealing who committed the Manchester bombings. Secondly he refused to validate and support article 5 of the NATO agreement, the one where the nations agree to support each other conditionally. The language is vague so to supplement it, most presidents (in fact all involved before this one) have affirmed it to mean an attack on an ally is an attack on the US. Trump didn’t, making a vague comment ripe for reinterpretation, especially by a man known for attacking any perceived vulnerabilities with his bordering neighbors. And finally he did not reaffirm or deny US involvement in the Paris Deal, leaving the EU hanging on that as well.

Still, while all of that is concerning for the Europeans, and damaging to foreign relationships Trump and America has with some of their chief allies, the reality is not much was really done. The deal, and some vague denials. The world still spins, the EU has decided, or at least Merkel has decided, that it must stand on it’s own feet for now, and yeah. He went home.

And when the first comment he really makes is whinging about the media, you know nothing has really changed.


The Atlantic: What did Trumps Foreign Trip Accomplish?
Politico: What did Merkel Mean?


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