Coms Director Leaves Trump Administration

Trumps Communication Chief Dubke has resigned from his role, following Trumps return from his overseas trip. Allegedly this was not forced by the Trump administration or the president himself, but at this stage this departure is being labelled as the begging of a reshuffle of the Administration. Given the nature of the role it isn’t terribly surprising that Dubke would choose to leave, as many communications directors do, former President Obama went through four officials, and one acting, communication directors throughout his tenure. However, it must be noted that departing this early in this administrations duration is unusual, and whether that is due to the unusually high demands of this role in this particular time, or due to the complaints by the current president are unknown.

If there is a cause for concern it is due to Dubkes deposition, the man was known for being a mild-mannered individual who did not fit into any one camp or faction, allowing him to cooperate with all members of the Administration, potentially at any rate. Individuals like this are rare in this white house and more would always be preferred to the divided factions that currently populate it. At least for Trump that is.

At this stage I don’t know how far any potential shake up could be, or even if it may occur, regardless a new communications director will be needed and that will be an unimaginably difficult role to fill with this administration, and this president, coordinating the recruitment. My guess, it’ll either be Spicer, already claiming he will be handling fewer daily press briefings, whether that will mean he takes this role or is responding to criticism from Trump is not yet known. Alternatively, Trump himself may take the role, seeing as he doesn’t let anyone else speak for him.


Bloomberg: Trump Communications Chief Dubke Leaving, White House Says


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