Trump left the Paris Agreement.

With the withdraw of the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement, Trump has confirmed the fears of the environmentally conscious, the business focused individuals focusing on the developing renewable energy markets many of his own people. But, is this really a bad thing?

Bear with me for a minute this needs some unpacking.

First, Trump has announced his intent to leave the Paris Agreement, the US can’t officially leave until November 4 2020, a day after that years presidential agreement. What this really means is that the US will no longer functionally be involved with the agreement, implementing no ideas or priorities and having no influence on other nations (that is the other 199) involved.

Secondly Trump has said that he is willing to negotiate the agreement if they can reach better terms for America, which I would assume to mean either fewer requirements, or benefits for their own trade and income. Somehow I don’t see that happening.

So, the US is not involved and cannot interfere in any other nations interactions with the Agreement, unless negotiations go there way, which many of the chief nations involved most likely won’t want to happen, either because of mistrust (currently) or ambition (read: China and India). This could actually be a good thing, for one primary reason: The US has a Veto.

And they cannot legitimately use it now. SO, Trump cannot stymie, prevent or block further developments of the Agreement, attack other nations through it, or prevent action with the agreement in some attempt to benefit his nation, somehow. I don’t know. By removing a potentially disabling actor from the agreement, Trump may have inadvertently saved it from a slow death, and that would have been far worse for work against Climate Change than America leaving for now.

This might not be such a bad thing.


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