Elections loom in Britain after third terrorist attack

On Saturday there was yet another attack on Britain, in London. Once more people were hurt and killed by the cruel, the malicious, and the senseless. Britain grieves, and the world mourns with them.

And yes Trump made an idiot of himself.

In the wake of a third attack, many people are turning towards the Election coming up and questioning both major sides of the debate. On one hand, it is the conservative party, May and her Tories, which led the country during these attacks: have they done enough, have they failed in some way, and why should they be trusted if so?

On the other Labor, under Corbyn, has proven adverse to conflict in all forms, and isn’t known for directly responding to any question regarding terrorism. It’s not suprising, to me at least, that people might question if he has the strength to combat terrorism, at home or abroad.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers and I don’t know how this election will go. At this stage it looks to me that either the Conservatives will eke out a win, or Labor, the Social Democrats and the Scottish Independence Party will form a coalition, though how that will work in practice is anyone’s guess.

Also the UK Independence party is imploding. Should I be pleased about that? (well I am anyway, so meh)

There’s no easy answer to Terrorism, no matter what we might wish. best of luck to the victor I guess.


The Atlantic: The Latest on the London Attack 
Bloomberg: Voters Grill Corbyn and May


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