About the London Tower Fire

Currently (19/06/17) the London police have announced that 58 deaths have occurred so far in regards to the Tower fire, though with dozens still missing there is every chance that number will continue to rise. In the wake of the fire the responses have been at once typical of the British people, raising 3.8 million for aid, resources and water provided, housing available though little in the way of privacy, and distinct due to the nature of the fire, and the residents repeated warnings regarding the building.

The issue there is complicated due, mostly as it requires an understanding of who is responsible. On one hand the governments austerity program has not helped local councils in regards to housing difficulties in much of London and beyond, yet said council is also being reported as to have deliberately ignored the warnings of the residents of the buildings, especially after the recent renovations (designed to make the building look nicer, not better suited for the residents already living there) placed new cladding that experts warned appeared flammable. Coupled with the fact this is a Labor stronghold, but the government is indeed Tory, and the complications arise.

In the end the ones responsible are the renovators and the council for failing repeatedly to heed the warnings of the residents and experts, and their favoring the wealthy in the area over concerned residents has had an terrible consequence. This doesn’t excuse the central government who could have pushed for stricter regulations in regards to building safety, nor the current Mayor of London Mr. Khan who in turn could have leveraged authority, in the event that he was aware (I am unsure of this at this time).

It is unsurprising, in the wake of this event, that angry citizens most likely shaken by yet another attack and this event have taken to the streets and to the bodies responsible to vent their rage and demand action. Whether May, who met with residents of the building after an initial stumble in regards to her response to the fire, or the local bodies can make amends for this event, and ensure it does not occur again especially in the name of cheaper renovations I cannot say.


Bloomberg: 58 declared dead in wake of London Tower Fire 


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