Senate Bill Update: CBO says 22 million without healthcare by 2026

So, the CBO released its review of the Better Care Reconciliation Act, confirming that it is in fact as bad as the AHCA. Mostly, anyway, with only 22 Million losing insurance instead of the 23 from the revised AHCA. So hey, maybe if they do 22 more revisions it might actually be a competent health bill.

Functionally the bill:

  1. makes deductibles go up in regards to most plans, for example silver plan deductibles will go from $3600 to $6000
  2. makes premiums go up especially if you’re old or have a pre-existing condition (no surprises there)
  3. Slashes Medicaid by $772 Billion
  4. Reduces revenue by $750 billion, this will be done by tax cuts for Corporations and the wealthy
  5. And makes the value for most plans go down by 58%. The plans are worth less under this than the ACA basically.

The only benefit I can see from this bill, if you could call it that, would be the deficit going down by $321 Billion over ten years, which is better than the AHCA. For fiscal conservatives, and the idealouges, that’s probably quite helpful in regards to the vote.

Again, I can’t say if this will pass or fail yet. I’m not about to discount McConnell, but this is a really bad bill. We’ll have to wait and see which moderate breaks first, I guess.


CBO: Review of the Better Care Reconciliation Act


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