Senate Bill Update: Bill vote pushed back

In light of the sudden push back from, well, everybody, Senate leadership has pushed back the vote in an attempt to shore up votes for the Better Care Reconciliation Act. Most likely this means that said leadership will use the 200 Billion shortfall within the bill to fund specific amendments from moderates and conservatives stalwarts, in an attempt to get to 50 votes. Whether that will happen is, frankly, still up in the air.

This does not mean the bill is defeated by any measure, and it’s good that the Democrats recognize that and maintain plans to continually block this bill as best they can in an attempt to kill it. Additionally groups such as Indivisible, Emily’s List and others are making plans to protest both now and if possible during the July Break to prevent this bill moving forward.

Right now my money’s on Heller playing it safe to maintain his seat in the Senate, and Maine Senator Susan Collins and Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, the only pro-choice Republican Senators, defending Planned Parenthood being the major reasons for a possible failed bill. While it’s possible Heller, from Nevada, could be swayed, and Collins and Murkowski could side with the bill in exchange for funding Planned Parenthood, said amendments would most likely push conservatives like Cruz, Lee and Paul to vote against the bill in turn.

Or McConnell will swing the vote. It could still happen you know.


The Atlantic: Senate Democrats don’t think the Bill is Dead


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